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Aperam SA

APERAM is a stainless and specialty steel producer. Co. produces a range of stainless steel products and products including electrical steel (grain oriented, non-grain oriented, and non-grain oriented semi-processed steel), nickel alloys and specialties. Co. sells its products to customers on three continents in over 40 countries, including aerospace, automotive, catering, construction, household appliances and electrical engineering, industrial processes, medical, and oil & gas industries. Co. manages its business according to three operating segments: Stainless and Electrical Steel; Services and Solutions; and Alloys and Specialties.

Beneteau SA

Beneteau designs, manufactures and sells yachts and powerboats through an international network of dealers. Co. also designs, manufactures and sells mobile homes. Its operations can be divided into two segments: The Boats segment and the Leisure Homes segment. The Boats segment groups together the activities for manufacturing and marketing boats with a customer base made up of dealers; The Leisure Homes segment groups together the activities for manufacturing and marketing mobile homes with a customer base made up of campsites and wholesalers, and the the activities for manufacturing and marketing wood-frame houses. Some of Co.'s brands are Beneteau, Jeanneau, CNB, IRM and O'Hara.

Boiron SA

Boiron manufactures and markets homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from vegetable, animal, mineral, or chemical substances, which are diluted. Co. sells three types of products in 59 countries: Non-proprietary homeopathic medicines, OTC family medication specialties, and Other products. There are two large families of homeopathic medicines: Those associated with precise therapeutic indications and dosage, and those that do not mention a therapeutic indication or dosage. Co. supports homeopathy education and training organizations for healthcare professionals. Some of Co.'s brand names include Oscillococcinum®, Stodal®, S?datif PC®, and Coryzalia.

Durr AG

Duerr is a mechanical and plant engineering group based in Germany. Co. operates through five divisions: Paint and Assembly Systems (production and paint finishing technology for automotive bodyshells and aircraft); Application Technology (products and systems for automated painting applications as well as sealing and glueing technology); Measuring and Process Systems (machines and systems for use in engine, drive construction and final assembly); Clean Technology Systems (plant and equipment for purifying exhaust gases produced by industrial processes and energy efficiency technologies for production processes); and Woodworking Machinery and Systems (machinery for the woodworking industry).

Esker SA

ESKER and its subsidiaries are engaged in the design and production of software applications. Co. operates corporate resource access software such as applications and databases for workstations. Co. has three major product groups: Host Access, DeliveryWare and Fax Server. Host Access products allows users to access applications and databases stored on different servers from their own workstations. DeliveryWare responds to the need of companies for automatic management document delivery. Fax Server allows the user to send a fax directly from their workstation.

Genfit SA

Genfit is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of drugs and biomarkers in therapeutic areas of high unmet need due to the lack of effective treatments or diagnostic tools and/or due to the increasing number of patients worldwide. Co. concentrates its research and development efforts to participate in the commercialization of treatment solutions and diagnostic tools to fight certain metabolic, inflammatory, autoimmune or fibrotic diseases affecting especially the liver (such as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis or "NASH").



KWS SAAT is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in developing, producing and distributing seed for agriculture. Co.'s operational business is divided into three segments: corn, which is engaged in the production and distribution activities of corn for grain and silage corn, oil and field seed; sugarbeet, which is engaged in the multiplication, processing and distribution activities for sugarbeet seed, as well as Co.'s seed potato business; and cereals, which is engaged in the production and distribution of hybrid rye, wheat and barley, as well as oil and field seed.

McPhy Energy SA

McPhy Energy SAS is a France-based company that develops hydrogen storage and production solutions for the merchant hydrogen market and renewable energy markets. The Company sells solid-state hydrogen technology to provide a way for industrial gas renewable energy storage. Its products include the electrolyzer, a hydrogen generator that uses water as a raw material; solid hydrogen storage solutions with MCP and MGH series; and other ways that integrate electrolyzers and other solutions. It has offices in such countries as France, Italy and Germany and agents and distributors in Europe, Asia and Americas.


Navigator Company SA

Navigator and its subsidiaries are engaged in the production and sale of cellulose pulp and related products, the purchase of wood and agricultural and forest production, the harvesting of forests and the transport of wood from the forests to the plants, and the production and sale of electricity and thermal energy. Co. is also involved in the production of paper and derivative paper products.

Solutions 30 SE

Solutions 30 SE is a France-based company that specializes in information technology (IT) repair services for individual and business clients. Its activity is divided into five key fields, such as IT-Telecom, Energy, Audiovisual, Piont of services and Security. Solutions 30 SE has a network of locally based teams throughout France that provide on-site IT assistance either at home or in the workplace. The Company is also present in Italy. Solutions 30 SE operates through Telima Mediterranee, Telima Ile de France, Mulot Assistance, Telima Reims Family, Telima Mediterranee Family, Mixnet, B&F GmbH in Germany, Connecting Cable GmbH and Vodafone Kabel Deutschland Field Services Gmbh, among others.

Synergie SA

Synergie is engaged in the development of human resources management, by providing services in the field of temporary work, outplacement, recruitment, consulting and training. Co. services different sectors: services and specialized sector (medical, senior employment, human services), transportation and logistics sector, industry sector, construction and civil engineering sector. As of Dec 31 2009, Co. is present in 13 countries in Europe and Canada and reports its activities geographically, in 4 areas: France, Northen and Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Canada.


Vogo SAS is a France-based company, which provides mobile application software. The Company develops, markets and distributes a solution for live broadcasting of audiovisual content based on a video stream processing technology. The Company's solution aims to improve the audience experience through multi-camera content upon-request while providing audio and video analysis tools for fans and professionals. The Company launches VOGO SPORT, which allows spectators within a sport venue or an outdoor event to access live audiovisual content through a mobile or tablet application. Its solution has a number of features, including spectators, which allows users to access instantly and in real time via Smartphone, tablets or computers, as well as services, such as, replay, zoom and slow motion.


Voltalia. Voltalia SA is a France-based holding company engaged in the renewable utilities sector. It designs, develops and operates electric power stations in numerous countries, such as France, French Guyana, Brazil, Greece and Morocco. The Company generates electricity using a variety of renewable energy sources. These include wind, water, biomass and solar power. In addition, Voltalia SA specializes in carbon credit trading activities. The Company operates several subsidiaries, including Anelia and Bio-Bar in France, Voltalia Guyane, SIG Kourou, SIG Mana and SIG Cacao in French Guyana, Voltalia Energia do Brasil in Brazil, Thegero in Greece and Alterrya Maroc in Morocco, among others. The Company is owned by Voltalia Investissement SA.

Oddo BHF
Oddo BHF

​Oddo Securities provides securities brokerage and research services. The company offers equity, economic, and derivatives research and credit analysis services. It focuses on insurance, automotive, building materials, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, and agri-food industries.

Michael B. Schäfer

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