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Compagnie des Alpes S.A.

Compagnie des Alpes SA is a France-based holding company active in the tourism and leisure industry in two distinct areas: the operation and maintenance of ski resorts and the operation of family leisure parks and attractions. It equips, maintains and operates ski resorts in the Alps region in France, Italy and Switzerland. Its activities include lift handling, trail maintenance, grooming and snowmaking, and operation of ticket booths. Compagnie des Alpes SA is active in the leisure park industry through its subsidiary, Grevin & Cie SA, which manages leisure sites in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It offers three types of activities: theme parks, nature and animal parks, and tourist attractions. It operates in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Russia and Luxembourg. In April 2014, it sold 30% stake in Groupe Looping to HIG Capital France, and announced the agreement with MacEarth and the aquisition of 2.5% stake in the company.


Societe Industrielle d'Aviation Latecoere and its subsidiaries are engaged in the manufacture of parts and equipment for the aeronautic and space industries. Co.'s products are mainly divided into 2 sectors: Airframe Structure and Equipment & Systems. Airframe Structure: manufactures Fuselage and Wing Structure Elements such as tail cones, forward upper shells, side parts, front spar bulkheads, nose sections, passenger doors, flaps; Nacelle Structure Elements such as fan cowls, tail engine fan cowls, translating sleeves, thrust reverser beams. Equipment & Systems: manufactures on-board electric racks, harnesses, landscape video camera system, pilot control panels and battery charge limiters.


Navya SA Formerly known as Navya SAS. Navya SAS is a France-based company specialized in the conception of electric autonomous systems. The Company manufactures autonomous vehicles. The Group offers two vehicles: the Autonom Shuttle, an autonomous, driverless and electric vehicle that is capable of transporting over 14 people, which serves cities and private sites. The technical design of the Autonom Shuttle allows the shuttle to understand the surroundings in which it is located, detect obstacles and anticipate movement, and the Autonom Cab, which is a self-driving taxi, which is capable to carry one to six passengers. Users can order Autonom Cab, open and close the vehicle's door, start its motor, obtain tourist information or finishing ordering tickets for a show through a smartphone application. In addition, the Group provides a number of services to its customers, including the control of data, software updates and the maintenance of its autonomous vehicles. Apart from France, Navya also operates in the United State.

Pierre & Vacances

Pierre & Vacances is engaged in the market of local tourism by operating apartments and homes, or beds, located primarily in France (in mountain, seaside and countryside resorts, cities and the French West Indies), as well as in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain. Co. develops its activities through two lines of business: the Property Development business (building and marketing of the residences and villages in France, Italy and Spain) and the Tourism business (operating and marketing of holidays in residences and villages under the Pierre & Vacances, Maeva, Adagio, Residences MGM, Hotels Latitudes, Center Parcs Europe and Sunparks brands).

Siltronic AG

Siltronic AG is a Germany-based producer of hyperpure silicon wafers. The Company offers polished wafers, epitaxial wafers and annealed wafers, among others. Its products are used for semiconductor components, including high-voltage applications, low resistivity devices in automotive engineering and telecommunications, as well as integrated microprocessors and memory modules for information processing in cell phones, laptops and other consumer goods. The Company also produces high reflectivity (HiREF) wafers, as well as PowerFZ wafers for power applications and Ultimate Silicon for complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) applications. It operates production facilities in Europe, Asia and the United States.


SMCP is engaged in the apparel and accessories retail market. Co.'s products are sold through a network of points of sale and websites. Co.'s product range is composed of on-trend and quality womenswear, menswear and accessories. Co.'s three brands can be characterized as follows: Sandro, targeted at sophisticated and self-confident women with a sleek, cool sense of style and a Parisian nonchalance; Maje, a bohemian chic positioning, targeting a feminine and young-at-heart and joie de vivre clientele and Claudie Pierlot, characterized as Parisian-preppy, wise and with a rebel touch. Claudie Pierlot is focused on a timeless, effortless style.

Solutions 30

Solutions 30 SE is a France-based company that specializes in information technology (IT) repair services for individual and business clients. Its activity is divided into five key fields, such as IT-Telecom, Energy, Audiovisual, Piont of services and Security. Solutions 30 SE has a network of locally based teams throughout France that provide on-site IT assistance either at home or in the workplace. The Company is also present in Italy. Solutions 30 SE operates through Telima Mediterranee, Telima Ile de France, Mulot Assistance, Telima Reims Family, Telima Mediterranee Family, Mixnet, B&F GmbH in Germany, Connecting Cable GmbH and Vodafone Kabel Deutschland Field Services Gmbh, among others.

Suess Microtec AG

SUESS MicroTec SE Formerly known as Suess MicroTec AG. SUESS MicroTec SE is a Germany-based holding company (the Group) that supplies process equipment for microstructuring in the semiconductor industry. The Group operates through four segments: Lithography, Bonder, Photomask Equipment and Others. The Lithography division develops, produces and sells the mask aligner, developer, and coater product lines, as well as ultraviolet (UV) projection and laser processing product lines. The Bonder division comprises the development, production and distribution of the substrate bonder product line. The Photomask Equipment division includes the development, manufacture and sale of HMx, ASx, MaskTrack and MaskTrack Pro product lines through SUSS MicroTec Photomask Equipment GmbH & Co KG. The Others division combines further activities of the Group in the area of micro-optics and lenses and the centralized Group functions.

Visiativ SA

Visiativ SA. Visiativ SA is a France-based company engaged in the information technology (IT) consulting and other services. The Company offers integration services for various enterprises, active in the fields of industry, retail and services. Its portfolio of solutions includes Aeronautics & Defense, Consumers goods, Industrial equipment, Transport & mobility, Life sciences, High technologies, Finance & services and Engineering & construction, among others. Visiativ SA operates through NC2 Network Computer Communication SASU (NC2), a Tour De Salvagny-based provider of data processing and hosting services and Solo Solution Autonome SAS, a Guilherand-Granges-based provider of computer systems design services.


​Oddo Securities provides securities brokerage and research services. The company offers equity, economic, and derivatives research and credit analysis services. It focuses on insurance, automotive, building materials, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, and agri-food industries.

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