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La Matinale - 2022-11-10

BENETEAU : Tensions toujours présentes, bonne visibilité / Contact – Acheter (1), obj. 17.5€ Cours: 11.9€ au 09/11/22
ATEME : Du retard sur le T3, le MRR en ligne / Confcall – Acheter (1), obj. 17.8€ Cours: 11.8€ au 09/11/22
BW IDEOL : Une levée de fonds au S1 2023 – Acheter (1), obj. 49.9kr Cours: 9.44kr au 09/11/22
EQUASENS : Belle dynamique T3 comme anticipée – Acheter (1), obj. 100.0€ Cours: 70.9€ au 09/11/22
JACQUET METALS : Résultats supérieurs à nos attentes – Acheter (1), obj. 25.0€ Cours: 16.4€ au 09/11/22
NANOBIOTIX : Maitrise son cashburn et avance en immuno-oncologie – Acheter (1), obj. 12.1€ Cours: 3.64€ au 09/11/22
SES IMAGOTAG : Feedback Capital Markets Day – Acheter (1), obj. 145.0€ Cours: 121.4€ au 09/11/22
COLLECTE / DECOLLECTE : Le léger mieux se confirme
Ateme SA

Ateme SA. Ateme SA is a France-based company, which is a global solution provider in advanced video compression for the broadcast and telecom industries. It develops hardware and software solutions in video and signal processing. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely in broadcast contribution links over satellite or fiber networks, in video distribution to the home, and in multi-screen delivery of live channels and VOD, also known as Over-The-Top video. The company addresses compression applications ranging from Ultra High Definition TV and 3D to Web and mobile streaming. The Company offers a range of products divided into such group as Contribution Encoders, Broadcast Encoders, Transcoders, Integrated receiver decoders, Multiplexers and Network Management System.

Beneteau SA

Beneteau designs, manufactures and sells yachts and powerboats through an international network of dealers. Co. also designs, manufactures and sells mobile homes. Its operations can be divided into two segments: The Boats segment and the Leisure Homes segment. The Boats segment groups together the activities for manufacturing and marketing boats with a customer base made up of dealers; The Leisure Homes segment groups together the activities for manufacturing and marketing mobile homes with a customer base made up of campsites and wholesalers, and the the activities for manufacturing and marketing wood-frame houses. Some of Co.'s brands are Beneteau, Jeanneau, CNB, IRM and O'Hara.


Jacquet Metals SA

Jacquet Metal Services is a European distributor of specialty steels, also active in China and the U.S.A. Co.'s main activity consists of purchasing, storing, and delivering different families of products. Co. is active in four markets for the distribution of special steels through four brands: JACQUET (distribution of stainless steel thick "Quarto" plates); Stappert (distribution of long stainless steel products); Abraservice (distribution of wear-resistant "Quarto" plates); IMS group (distribution of engineering steels). Co.'s main consumer sectors are the following industries: chemical; agro foods; treatment and storage of gases; water treatment; environment and cleanup; and energy.

Nanobiotix SA

Nanobiotix SA is a France-based oncology focused nanomedicine company. It is engaged in developing nanoparticle technology. It develops new tools for cancer which utilize a physical mode of action at the cellular level of the cancer cell. This disruptive approach may reshape future treatment opportunities. The Company's NanoXray technology comprises three products having the potential to cause a paradigm shift in cancer therapy. Specifically, NanoXray products may overcome the current limitations of standard of care in local therapy. Local treatment (surgery and radiotherapy) plays a seminal role in the potential cure and gives systemic treatment a better chance to increase life expectancy. NanoXray products are developed to selectively increase the efficacy of radiotherapy in the tumor cell. Nanobiotix is a spin-off of the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo.

Pharmagest Interactive SA

Pharmagest Interactive SA is a France-based company that develops and integrates management software packages for drugstores. The Company is engaged in the computerization of pharmaceutical dispensaries. Its flagship product is Integrated Portal Management Software, which provides pharmacists with permanent and immediate access to a range of online services and is used for the distribution of information and promotions for pharmaceutical suppliers and for pharmaceutical laboratories. In addition, the Company is engaged in the provision of maintenance services, technologies to manage medication compliance, as well as e-business solutions. It operates through Noviatek, Sailendra, Multimeds, British Caremeds and Axigate, among others.

Portzamparc Sponsored
Portzamparc Sponsored

​Portzamparc is a subsidary of BNP Paribas which adapted the mission to contribute to responsible and sustainable growth of private clients, management companies and SMEs . They offer personalized support adapted to the objectives in particular for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

Arnaud Despre

Augustin Socié

Clément Bassat

Gaetan Calabro

Maxence Dhoury

Nicolas Montel

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