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Ekaterina Usanova ... (+2)
  • Ekaterina Usanova
  • Mikhail Krasnoperov

Russian Consumer - Unemployment and Income: The Outlook for 2022

In its modern history, Russia has not suffered any major spikes in joblessness. Its unemployment rate has ranged from between 4.8% and 8.3% since 2005 (versus 3.6-9.9% in the US for the same period). However, considering the sectors currently affected and companies scaling down operations in Russia, we see 1.1 mln out of the total 71 mln jobs at risk. But because this comes amid a labor shortage, which emerged in late 2021, companies are aiming to hold on to personnel, while the government is an...

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  • Andrew Keeley
  • Arthur Cherkesov
  • Ekaterina Sidorova

Russian Banks - What We Know at This Stage

In this note, we sum up a few thoughts on the current situation for Russia's banks.> Immediate pressure weathered... Since the initial brief depositor panic in late February, deposit flows have stabilized and even turned into net inflows as banks have hiked short-term deposit rates to around 20%, in line with the key rate.> ... and the CBR has experience of crises. The CBR is well versed in supporting the banking system through crises and has already made important moves in providing liquidity a...

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  • Anton Stroutchenevski
  • Artem Vinogradov
  • Cole Akeson
  • Dmitry Troshin
  • Georgiy Ivanin
  • Research Team

CIS Market Daily - March 24, 2022

MARKET COMMENT - TRADING TO RESUME FOR DOMESTIC INVESTORS AHEAD OF THE NATO-G7-DM SUMMIT AND NEW SANCTIONSEquity trading resumes today after a four-week suspension, but nonresidents and short-sellers will not yet be welcomed back. In focus will be the summit of NATO, the G7 and the rest of the developed world, which was called to discuss the evolving responses to Russia's so-called "special military operation" against Ukraine. STORIES> Equity trading to resume today - but not for nonresidents> "...

Alisa Zakirova ... (+3)
  • Alisa Zakirova
  • Igor Rapokhin
  • Yuri Popov

Russia FX/Rates Snapshot - March 24, 2022. Ruble Could Take a Pause Af...

This morning, the ruble has weakened somewhat offshore, sliding to USD/RUB 98, whereas on the Moscow Exchange it is trading at 95.5. In focus today will be EU and NATO summits at which comments about Russia's plan to switch to ruble settlement for gas could be forthcoming. It is possible that the rhetoric toward Russia will become harsher. Against this backdrop, we think the ruble's advance will take a pause and that it will remain around 96.

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  • Anna Pilgunova
  • Anton Chernyshev
  • Mikhail Sheybe

Commodities Daily - March 24, 2022

> Oil continues to rise as CPC oil export terminal in Black Sea halts loadings and amid upbeat EIA report. In our view, Brent is likely to start stabilizing near $120/bbl today. Investors will be watching the EU-NATO summit in Brussels, where countries will discuss their ability to reduce their reliance on the Russian energy sector.> Gold advances as US Treasury yields slide. Gold rose from $1,920/oz to $1,945/oz yesterday, while the 10y US Treasury yield declined from 2.39% to 2.29%. Gold is tr...

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