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BTS Group - Acquires Netmind in Spain

Strengthens the Spanish position through M&A Adds 3.5% to sales, we estimate just below group margin Price not disclosed, share likely up 1-2%
BTS Group AB B

BTS Group AB is a consulting firm engaged in learning and development. Co. uses simulation models to support executive management in executing change and improving profitability. Co.'s solutions and services train the organization to analyze and make decisions centered on the factors that support growth and profitability. This enhances the market focus and profit awareness in day-to-day decision-making. Co.'s solution technologies include the following: computer-based business simulations, computer-based scenario simulations, board simulations, engage maps, online and virtual solutions, as well as tournaments.

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Daniel Thorsson

Rebecka Gärderup

Simon Jönsson

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