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Thai Life Insurance IPO Trading

Thai Life Insurance (TLI) raised around US$975m in its Thailand IPO. Cornerstone investors, including GIC, took up around 54% of the deal.

TLI’s portfolio consists of products such as life protection, savings, investment and inheritance planning and is considered to be one of the largest life insurance companies in Thailand, third by assets. As of Mar 2022, the firm employed 64,000 insurance agents in the area covering all 77 provinces nationwide.

TLI has put in a resilient financial performance over the past few years wherein it has managed to keep its premium income steady while reporting better profits, despite being impacted by COVID-19 lockdowns. It has also been changing its product mix and aims to continue to launch new products over the next few years while also looking to expand its overseas presence. Although, its APE has been declining over the past few years. In addition, the industry itself hasn’t grown much and TLI’s market share hasn’t changed much either over the past few years.

In this note we will talk about the trading dynamics.
Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited

Aequitas Research
Aequitas Research

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Since 2015, we have covered 400+ IPOs and 450+ placements with a hit rate of 73% and 65%, respectively. We combine fundamental bottom-up views with our proprietary quantitative framework to provide a holistic analysis.
Our coverage includes pre-IPO notes before the deal is launched, follow-up analysis once the deal is live and post-listing trading analysis. We also provide a more quant driven analysis on placement/follow-on offerings.
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