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Intel: Full Report

• Substantial pessimism toward INTC is fully priced into the stock – offering a very favourable reward-to-risk.
• INTC’s new strategy is seen by many as a history-repeating-itself type of story – another set of promises waiting to be broken. However, really this is a landmark strategy that will fundamentally change the way INTC operates.
• INTC is an incredibly important player amid the surging demand for chips. With the new leadership and radically new strategy, INTC has a fantastic opportunity to reaccelerate growth.
• There is a comfortable 2x return available during the next 2-3 years, in our opinion.
Intel Corporation

Intel is a data-centric company. The company's operating segments are: Data Center Group, which develops platforms for compute, storage, and network functions; Internet of Things Group, which facilitates its customers creating, storing, and processing data; Mobileye, which provides assistance and automation solutions; Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, which provides memory and storage products based on Intel? Optane? technology and Intel? 3D NAND technology; Programmable Solutions Group, which provides programmable semiconductors; and Client Computing Group, which connects people to data, allowing each person to focus, create, and engage in ways that unlock their individual potential.

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