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Financial conditions are crucial for projected economic activity and monetary policy

​The report provides insights on the importance of financial conditions for projected economic activity and, ultimately, monetary policy. A series of predictive regressions are run that show that financial conditions indices contain information about the future state of the U.S. economy and, as a consequence, will be a major factor in the FOMC's decision making process.

Iniohos Advisory Services
Iniohos Advisory Services

​Iniohos Advisory Services is an independent investment research and consulting house, founded by investment professionals with long and in-depth experience in global financial markets.

Iniohos Advisory Services aims to provide top-end investment solutions to High Net Worth Individuals and institutional investors, ranging from proactive investment research to tailor made financial and risk modelling.

Our research covers the areas of investment and macroeconomic research, investment strategy and asset allocation, financial modelling and risk management.

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