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Argenx: Ph3 efgartigimod gMG – feedback from webcast
Barco: Successful enforcement of ClickShare patent rights
Crescent: Impacted by the Covid-19 crisis as well
Materialise: The value of a dream? >$ 1.4bn; if it materialises
Dynamic Top Pick List: Removing Argenx from our Dynamic Top Pick List
Argenx S.E

Argenx N.V. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a deep pipeline of differentiated antibody-based therapies for the treatment of severe autoimmune diseases and cancer. Utilizing its suite of differentiated technologies, Co. is focused on developing product candidates with the potential to be either first-in-class against novel targets or best-in-class against known, but complex, targets in order to treat diseases with a significant unmet medical need.

Barco N.V.

Barco operates in three divisions: Entertainment, which delivers projection, lighting, LED and software solutions for markets such as cinema, venues, and hospitality and the retail and advertising; Enterprise, which targets the corporate and the control rooms market and provides a portfolio of visualization solutions with videowalls, corporate projectors in combination with collaboration software and networking and connectivity capabilities; and Healthcare, which delivers displays for the diagnostic and modality imaging market, including segments such as radiology, mammography, surgery and dentistry along with digital networked solutions for the operating room and point-of-care devices.

Materialise ADS

Option N.V.

Option is a supplier of cellular gateways and a solution provider for the machine-to-machine (M2M) space. Co. has five operating segments: Devices & Solutions, which produces USB devices, routers as well as the end to end service offerings; M2M, which includes Co.'s device, called CloudGate; Embedded & Solutions, which is engaged in the production of embedded devices or module offerings and associated integration and certification services; License, which relates to license deals, closed with third parties; and Other, which includes the connection manager software business and mobile security solutions.

KBC Securities
KBC Securities

We are a financial services provider for several types of professional clients, each with distinct needs.


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