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La chute du titre liée à un retard de l’approbation européenne de Lumevoq dans la NOHL nous semble exagérée. Le cours actuel offre une opportunité d’entrée attractive dans une biotech late-stage fortement sous valorisée qui devrait bénéficier d’un newsflow soutenu au cours des 18 prochains mois. Nous réinitions la couverture du titre avec une recommandation Surperformance et un OC à 7 €. - ...
1&1 Drillisch AG

Drillisch is a holding company. Co. through its subsidiaries, is a mobile virtual network operator in Germany. The services acquired from the network operators Telekom Deutschland GmbH, Vodafone D2 GmbH, E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH and Telefonica O2 Germany GmbH & Co. OHG are sold further to the end consumers for Co.'s own account and at rates established by Co. Co. organizes its operations into three segments: telecommunications, which includes its activities in the sector of wireless services; freenet holding, which comprises the operations of its freenet AG subsidiary; and software services, which involves activities related to the development and marketing of a workflow management software.

Acerinox SA

Acerinox is the parent company of a group engaged in the manufacture and sale of flat and long stainless steel products, and stainless steel wires. Co.'s major products include slabs, billets, black coils, plates, hot-rolled coils, hot-rolled sheets, flat bars, hot-rolled re-bars, hot-rolled black bars, engraved sheets, cold-rolled coils, cold-rolled sheets and circles. Co. also provides long stainless steel products, such as wire rods, angles, hot rolled flat bars, hot rolled re-bars, reinforced bars in coils, cold rolled re-bars, hot rolled black bars, cold drawn bars, and smooth turned bars. In addition, Co. offers wires, welding wire bars, and bars for electrodes.

Aedifica SA

Aedifica is a property company, which is specialized in residential real estate. Co.'s portfolio has a superstructure of more than 225,911 sq. m as of June 30 2010. It owns: residential or mixed buildings in Belgian cities with classical leases; buildings with furnished apartments buildings in the heart of Brussels with shorter term leases; senior houses and serviceflats with very long term and triple net leases; and hotels. Co. invests: in existing and already leased buildings; and in projects with future completion. Co.'s activities can be divided into four segments: Residential or mixed buildings; Furnished apartments buildings; Senior houses; and Hotels and others.

Alfen NV

Alfen NV (Alfen) is a company based in the Netherlands, engaged in the design, development and production of electric grid equipment. The Company is active in three business lines: Smart Grids, which supplies standardized electricity grid connection systems, secondary transformer substations, local power grids, devices for grid automation, as well as software and back-end systems for remote management and grid control; Energy Storage, responsible for development and installation of modular energy storage systems under the brand TheBattery, which are used by utilities, grid operators, energy traders and industrial companies, among others, and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging, which supplies EV charge points in a variety of capacities and functionalities for use at home, work and in public areas. In addition, Alfen offers service, management and maintenance activities, including remote support and monitoring, as well as an in-house technological know-how center.


Applus Services SA is a Spain-based company that provides inspection, testing and quality assurance services. The Company's activities are divided into five segments: Applus+ RTD, which provides non-destructive testing services mainly to the oil industry; Applus+ Velosi-Norcontrol, which offers solutions for technical assistance, supervision, inspection, quality control testing, certification and consulting services mainly to industrial, electrical, oil and telecommunications facilities; Applus+ Laboratories, which focuses on laboratory testing, system certification and product development services within aerospace, industrial and consumer goods sectors, among others; Applus+ Automotive, which is responsible for the vehicle roadworthiness testing services, and Applus+ IDIADA, which delivers design, engineering, testing and certification services mainly to car manufacturers. The Company operates in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

AUTO1 Group

B&S Group S.A.

B&S Group SA is a Luxembourg-based company, which serves as a distributor of consumer goods. The Company acts as a source supplier to a number of channels and specialized markets. B& Group SA operates within three segments: The HTG Segment, which purchases products in bulk on an ad hoc basis from manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and international retail chains, as well as provides suppliers the opportunity to dispose of stock lots, closeout products and excess inventory; the B&S segment, which includes the purchase of consumer goods directly from premium brand owners and informs customers regarding strict food safety guidelines or specific cultural and national preferences and requirements, and the Retail Segment, which sources a focused selection of travel electronics from various partnerships and offers a selected assortment of the product groups sourced within the distribution activities in HTG and B&S.

Bekaert SA

Bekaert is a global technological and market company engaged in advanced solutions based in steel wire transformation and coatings as well as an independent manufacturer of drawn steel wire products. In addition, Co. teams up with customers and suppliers globally to develop, implement, upgrade, and protect both current and future technologies. Co.'s business activities are put in practice along two main axes: Product Innovation and Process Innovation. Product Innovation helps Co. better serve its customers, while Process innovation enables Co. to increase operational effectiveness, minimizing its impact on the environment.

Bouygues SA

Bouygues is a global industrial group engaged in designing, building and operating structures in public and private buildings, transportation infrastructure and energy and communication networks. Co. operates in three sectors - Construction (Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier and Colas), Media (TF1) and Telecom (Bouygues Telecom). Construction is engaged in the design and maintenance of projects in the areas of building, civil works, energies and services; Media offers activities covering the audiovisual sector; and Telecom offers mobile broadband services and prepaid card services for smart phones, as well as a range of services including telemessaging, voice mail and WAP

Cellnex Telecom S.A.

Cellnex Telecom SA is a Spain-based company engaged in the wireless telecommunications (telecom) business. Its activities are divided into three segments: Broadcasting infrastructure, Telecom site rental, as well as Network services and other. The Broadcasting infrastructure division comprises distribution and transmission of television (TV) and frequency modulation (FM) radio signals, operation and maintenance (O&M) of radio broadcasting network, as well as over-the-top (OTT) radio services, among others. The Telecom site rental division provides access to wireless infrastructure, primarily through infrastructure hosting and telecom equipment co-location, mainly for mobile network operators and other wireless and broadband telecom network operators. The Network services and other division offers connectivity services for a variety of telecom operators and radio communication, among others. The Company also develops 5th generation mobile networks (5G) through Alticom BV.


Claranova SE

Claranova SA, formerly Avanquest SA, is a France-based holding company engaged in the technology industry. The Company operates through three businesses including Avanquest Software, that develops, publishes and markets Personal Computer (PC) software products in several categories, including system utilities, home graphics, digital imaging and small business solutions; the PlanetArt business operates a print-on-demand platform, which features five brands covering both Website and mobile application technologies. Among its applications is FreePrints, a mobile photo printing solution for iOS and Android. The Company also operates through myDevices business, which enables enterprises to design, prototype and commercialize Internet of Things (IoT) solutions through Cayenne, a drag-and-drop IoT project builder. Claranova SA offers its products and services in approximately 100 countries worldwide.

CORESTATE Capital Holding SA

Corestate Capital holding is a holding company. With its group companies, Co. offers a range of real estate investment management services, such as investment, fund, asset, property and facility management. Co.'s product offering primarily covers residential, commercial and microliving assets (including developments) and addresses all risk/return profiles, i.e. from core/core plus to value add/opportunisitc. Clients include semi-institutional investors (HNWIs and family offices) as well as institutional investors. Co.'s key market is Germany. Additional activities focus on other European countries such as Austria and Spain as well as the Benelux countries.

Elis SA

Elis is a multi-service group in the rental, laundry and maintenance of textile, hygiene and well-being items in Europe and Latin America. Co. serves hundreds of thousands of customers of all sizes, belonging to various professional customer segments: hospitality, healthcare, industry, trade and services. Co. also has a manufacturing business carried out by two entities, Le Jacquard FranASSais and Kennedy Hygiene Products which together form one of the company's operating segments.

Freenet AG

Freenet is a telecommunications provider in Germany. Co. provides its customers a portfolio of services and products, particularly in the field of mobile voice and data services. Co. does not operate its own network, but markets mobile communication services for the mobile network operators Telekom, Vodafone, E-Plus and O2 in Germany, under its own name and on its own account. Apart from its own network-independent postpaid, no-frills and prepaid services, Co. also provides the original network operators' tariffs. Co. operates within two segments: mobile communications and other/holding.

Gamma Communications

Gamma Communications is a communications company. Co. has two main operating segments: Indirect, which sells Co.'s products to channel partners; and Direct, which sells Co.'s products to end users in the SME, Enterprise and Public Sectors together with an associated service wrap. Both operating segments sell a combination of products and services (which is mainly voice traffic from which revenues are derived from channel partners and other carriers as well as rentals for wholesale lines) and growth products and services (which consists of IP voice traffic, rental income derived from SIP trunks, hosted IP voice systems and Gamma's hosted inbound product and data products)

Gestamp Automocion S.A.

Gestamp Automocion SA. Gestamp Automocion SA is a Spain-based company primarily engaged in the auto parts manufacture. It focuses on the design, development and production of metal components and structure systems for the automotive industry. The Company's products portfolio includes skin panels and closure parts, structural and body components, chassis, bumpers and dashboard crossbeams, among others. The Company's customers include Volkswagen, Renault-Nissan, PSA, Daimler, General Motors and BMW, among others. The Company is a parent of the Gestamp Automocion Group, a group, which comprises a number of subsidiaries with operations established in North and South America, Europe and Asia. The Company is controlled by Acek Desarrollo y Gestion Industrial SL.

InPost S.A.


Jenoptik is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is an optoelectronics group engaged in the production of range of products including original equipment manufacturer or standard components, modules and subsystems through to systems and production lines for numerous sectors. Co.'s operating business is organized in the following three operating segments: Laser & Optical Systems, Metrology, and Defense & Civil Systems. The operating business within the segments is further subdivided into five divisions: Lasers & Material Processing, Optical Systems, Industrial Metrology, Traffic Solutions, and Defense & Civil Systems, each of which are subdivided into several business units.

Knaus Tabbert

Neinor Homes SA

Neinor Homes SA, formerly Neinor Homes SLU, is a Spain-based company engaged in the real estate sector. The Company focuses on the design, construction and promotion of residential properties. It develops housing projects in various Spanish cities, such as Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Cordoba, Vizcaya, Alicante, Almeria and Gerona.

NRJ Group SA

NRJ Group is engaged in the multimedia industry, particularly in France's private radio market. Co. also operates in 22 other countries, as of Dec. 31, 2012. Co. works as a publisher, producer, and brodcaster, while marketing its own media space. Co. also develops new media such as television, internet and mobile telephony. Co.'s core business consists of creating and developing media, whether it be radio stations, television or the Internet. Co.'s operations can be divided into six segments: Musical Media and Events; Television; International Activities; Shows and Other Productions; Broadcasting and Other Activities. Co.'s brands are NRJ, NOSTALGIE, CHERIE FM, RIRE and CHANSONS.

Ontex Group N.V.

Ontex Group NV is a Belgium-based company, which operates in the manufacturing sector of industry. The Company is a producer of disposable personal hygiene solutions for babies, women and adults. It offers a range of such products as baby diapers, baby pants, baby wet wipes, pads, pantyliners, tampons, light incontinence products, pull-ups, belt diapers, all-in-one tape systems, shaped pads and underpards. Its products are distributed through retail partner brands, as well as under its own brands (canbebe, canped, Helen Harper, Moltex, Baby Charm) across several distribution channels, such as retail trade, care institutions and pharmacies. The Company is present in Europe, Northern Africa, Australia and Asia.

Orange Belgium SA

Orange Belgium is a telecommunications operator in Belgium. Co. provides a range of products and services to the residential and business markets, including mobile telephony, fixed telephony, fix data, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. Co.'s Belgium segment is divided into two operating units: Mobile as well as Fix voice data. Co.'s Mobile operating unit provides mobile phone equipment and services to residential and corporate customers, while Co.'s Fix voice and data operating unit provides fix voice, data and internet services to residential and corporate customers.

Orange SA

Orange provides consumers, businesses and other telecommunications operators with a wide range of services including fixed telephony and mobile telecommunications, data transmission, Internet and multimedia, and other services. Co.'s portfolio comprises business lines (fixed-line, mobile, Internet), focusing on all customer segments (small and medium-sized businesses, multinationals), and personal and professional services for home, office, travel, and mobile. Co. manages eight operating segments: France, Poland, Spain, Rest of the Europe, Africa and Middle East, Other non-controlling equity interests, Enterprise Communication Services, and International Carriers and Shared Services.

Proximus SA de droit public

Proximus supplies integrated telecommunications services on the Belgian market. Co.'s activities are divided into four segments: Consumer Business Unit (CBU), which sells voice products and services, internet and television, on fixed and mobile networks, to residential customers; Enterprise Business Unit (EBU), which caters to professional customers; Service Delivery Engine and Wholesale, which centralizes all the network and IT services and costs, provides services to CBU and EBU and sells these services to other telecom and cable operators; and International Carrier Services, which focuses on international carrier activities.

Royal KPN NV

Koninklijke KPN is an integrated information and communications technology service provider. Co. provides its consumer customers data broadband services, IPTV services, mobile (voice, data and SMS) and fixed line telephony. Co. provides its business customers broadband services, mobile, fixed line and data services. Co. operates in the following segments: Consumer Mobile, which provides mobile services and products; Consumer Residential, which provides services in and around the house; Business, which provides fixed and mobile telephony services; NetCo, which includes fixed wholesale services; Belgium, which provides mobile telephony; and iBasis, which provides wholesale network services.

SMA Solar Technology AG

SMA Solar Technology is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. operates in five divisions: Medium Power Solutions, which distributes inverters, system solutions as well as products used for monitoring PV systems and energy management; Power Plant Solutions, which supplies central inverters and system solutions to PV plants; Service, which provides customers in Germany and abroad with support and after-sales services; Zeversolar, which serves the Chinese photovoltaic market and the budget market (low-price segment) in foreign markets; and Railway Technology, which manufactures converters as individual devices and energy supply systems for railway coaches.

Telefonica Deutschland Holding AG

Telefonica Deutschland Holding is a telecommunication company. Co. offers its consumer retail and business customers postpaid and prepaid wireless communications products, along with wireless data services using Global Packet Radio Service, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System and Long Term Evolution technology as well as Digital Subscriber Line wireline telephony and high-speed internet services. Co. markets its products and its wireless and wireline communications products as well as services via the core brand O2. Co.'s secondary brands include the brands Fonic and netzclub. Co. also markets high-speed DSL internet access and wireline telephony.

Telenet Group Holding NV

Telenet Group Holding is a holding company. Through its subsdiairies and its broadband network, Co. is engaged in the provision of cable television, including television services, broadband internet and telephony services to residential subscribers in Flanders and certain communes in Brussels as well as broadband internet, data and voice services in the business market throughout Belgium and parts of Luxembourg. In addition, Co. is engaged in the provision of mobile telephony services through a mobile virtual network operator partnership with Mobistar NV.


TUI is engaged in the tourism business, operating in some 180 countries. Co.'s segments include Hotels & Resorts, Cruises and Other Tourism. The Hotels & Resorts segment comprises all Group-owned hotels and hotel companies in TUI Group. The segment comprises majority participations in hotels, joint ventures with local partners, stakes in companies. The Cruises segment consists of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises and the joint venture TUI Cruises. Other Tourism segment comprises central functions such as destination services, IT, aviation control and the French airline Corsair.

United Internet AG

United Internet AG is a Germany-based Internet service provider (ISP) and holding company of the United Internet Group. The Company's products and technical services are divided into two key segments. The Access segment comprises narrowband, broadband and mobile access subscriptions, including the corresponding applications. The Applications segment includes such applications as home pages, e-shops, Personal Information Management applications, group work, online storage and office software. The Application segment also includes the operations of the Company's brands Sedo and affilinet, which serve customers performance-based advertising and sales possibilities. The Company's brand portfolio also includes GMX, WEB.DE, 1&1, united-domains, Fasthosts and InterNetX. In addition, the Company develops Internet based applications, such as cloud applications. The Company acts primarily via its wholly owned subsidiary 1&1 Internet AG, and Sedo Holding AG, in which it holds a majority stake.

Voyageurs du Monde SA

Voyageurs du Monde SA is a France-based travel company. It is engaged in the provision of travel-related services, which includes organizing personalized travel itineraries for individual clients; running guided tours and group holidays; providing special interest package holidays; organizing trips for large groups and associations, and providing flight and hotel reservation services in the number of countries in Africa, South America, Asia, the United States and Europe. Voyageurs du Monde SA runs several specialized travel bookshops throughout France and organizes conferences, exhibitions and craft fairs from around the world. In addition, it offers accommodation services in Morocco, Brazil and Egypt. The Company operates through Comptoir des Voyages SA, Original Travel Co Ltd, Villa Nomade SARL, Villa Bahia, Voyageurs d'Egypte, Satyagraha's Guest House and Ke Adventure Travel, among others. The main shareholder of the Company is Avantage SA.

Oddo BHF
Oddo BHF

​Oddo Securities provides securities brokerage and research services. The company offers equity, economic, and derivatives research and credit analysis services. It focuses on insurance, automotive, building materials, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, and agri-food industries.

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