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Quels titres favoriser pour l’été ? Nous avons tenté de répondre à cette question en criblant sur des critères simples le Stoxx 600 : acheter les titres qui connaissent une dynamique de révision de BPA positive à 1m, 3m et 6m et qui ne sont pas « chers » (prime maximale de 20% en P/E et P/B) par rapport à leurs secteurs de rattachement respectifs. Nous retenons les titres recommandés à l’Achat par nos analystes et pour lesquels notre chartiste (R. Colombero) a une opinion positive : A...
Airbus Group SE

Anheuser-Busch InBev N.V. ADS

Bureau Veritas Registre International de Classification de Navires et d'Aeronefs

Capgemini SE

Capgemini is a consulting and IT services provider. Co. works closely with technology partners at the cutting edge of innovation in major trends such as: Cloud, Big Data and mobility. Co. offers its clients skills in a variety of fields, such as digital transformation and digital customer experience, Cloud, Big Data, mobility, testing, cyber security, application management. In addition, Co. helps its clients enhance their performance and sharpen their competitive edge by offering them a range of skills grouped around four major businesses: Consulting Services through Capgemini Consulting, Technology Services (TS), Local Professional Services through Sogeti, and X Outsourcing Services (OS).

Carrefour S.A.

Carrefour is a distribution group based in France. Co. is engaged in retailing business, primarily in Europe (France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Romania); Asia (China, India, and Taiwan); and Latin America (Argentina and Brazil). Co. offers a variety of fresh produce, products from local suppliers and major-brand products. Co. operates Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Convenience stores and Cash & Carry stores, as well as food and non-food e-commerce sites. Co. also offers services such as financial and insurance services, travel, entertainment, after-sales services, and leasing of commercial vehicles. As of Dec 31 2013 Co. operated 10,105 stores under its brand.

China National Accord Medicines (A)

CNP Assurances

CNP Assurances is an insurance company. Co. designs, develops, distributes and manages savings, pension & personal risk, and term creditor products. Co. offers savings products and insurance against the risks of everyday life to its customers. Co.'s operations are organized along three business segments. The Savings business concerns products enabling policyholders to build up capital which they can cash in. The Pensions business concerns products designed to enable policyholders to receive an annuity or lump sum on retirement. The Personal Risk business includes products enabling policyholders to insure against the risks of death, accident or illness, property damage or liability claims.

Compagnie de Saint-Gobain S.A.

Compagnie de Saint-Gobain manufactures, produces, and distributes industrial materials. Co.'s activities are divided into four sectors: Innovative Materials (Co. makes, processes and sells glass and glazing products for the building, the automotive and solar energy industries; Co. also manufactures Ceramics and Plastics, Abrasives, and Textiles), Construction Products (Co. offers products for the Insulation, Gypsum, Exterior Products, Pipe and Industrial Mortars), Building Distribution (Co. distributes building materials (plumbing, heating and sanitaryware products) and ceramic tiles), and Packaging - Verallia (Co. manufactures glass containers and jars for foodstuffs and beverages).

Compass Group PLC

Compass Group is engaged in providing outsourced food and support services. The five sectors in which Co. operates are: Business & Industry, which provides food for employees during their working day; Healthcare & Seniors, which helps hospitals in the public and private sectors manage and enhance quality of food and support services; Education, which provides dining solutions from kindergarten to college; Sports & Leisure, which provides hospitality and service at sporting and leisure venues, exhibition centers, visitor attractions and events; and Defence, Offshore & Remote, which provides food and support services to companies in the oil and gas and mining and construction industries.

CRH Medical

CRH Medical is engaged in the treatment of hemorrhoids by utilizing its treatment protocol and patented proprietary technology.


Diageo PLC

EDP-Energias do Brasil

Energias do Brasil is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in the generation, acquisition, transmission, distribution and sale of hydroelectric and thermoelectric energy, as well as the import and export of electricity in the form of medium, high, and very-high tension electric energy.


Essilor International (Compagnie Generale d'Optique) designs, manufactures and sells ophthalmic lenses, ophthalmic optical instruments and equipment. Co.'s activities are divided into three segments: Lenses and Optical Instruments (Co. designs, manufactures and customizes corrective lenses such as: Varilux (progressive lenses); anti-reflective, smudge-proof and anti-static lenses (Crizal); Nikon lenses, Transitions variable-tint lenses and Kodak lenses under agreements; polarized lenses (Xperio) and fog-proof lenses (Optifog)), Equipment (Co. produces, distributes and sells equipment and consumables used by prescription laboratories) and Readers (Co. designs and sells reading glasses).


Ferguson is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is a distributor of plumbing and heating products in the U.S. Co. operates nationally serving the residential, commercial, civil and industrial markets. Co. operates seven business units in the U.S.: Blended Branches, which provides plumbing and heating solutions ; Waterworks standalone, which distributes pipe, valves and fittings, hydrants, meters and related water management products; B2C e-commerce, which sells directly to consumers via websites using the product range and distribution network of the Blended Branches business; as well as Other, which comprises industrial standalone, fire and fabrication, and facilities supply.

GlaxoSmithKline PLC CEDEAR

HeidelbergCement AG,

HeidelbergCement is engaged in the production and distribution of cement and aggregates, concrete and building products. Co.'s product range is complemented by downstream activities, such as ready-mixed concrete, concrete products, and concrete elements; in some countries, asphalt and building products, such as bricks and roof tiles, lime, or sand-lime bricks, are also manufactured. Furthermore, Co. provides services such as worldwide trading in cement and coal by sea. Co.'s products are used for the construction of houses, infrastructure, and commercial and industrial facilities.


Imerys is engaged in the production and the processing of minerals. Co.'s operations can be divided into four business groups: Minerals for Ceramics, Refractories, Abrasives and Foundry (minerals mainly for floor tiles, sanitaryware, porcelain, mobile energy as well as high-temperature and abrasive industries); Performance and Filtration Minerals (plastics, rubber, coatings, sealants and adhesives, health, beauty and filtration of nutrition liquids); Pigments for Paper (filler and coating products for paper) and Materials and Monolithics (construction materials in clay and slate and monolithic products and solutions for high-temperature industries).


Kering is engaged in the retail industry, particularly luxury fashion brands. Co.'s operations can be divided into two segments: Luxury and Sport & Lifestyle divisions. The Luxury division includes brands such as Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Boucheron, Sergio Rossi, Alexander McQueen, Girard-Perregaux & JeanRichard, & Stella McCartney. In addition, Co. offers Leather Goods, Shoes, Ready-to-wear, Watches, and Jewelry & Other products. The Sport & Lifestyle division designs & develops footwear, apparel & accessories and includes brands like Puma, Volcom and Electric among others.


LafargeHolcim Bangladesh

MTU Aero Engines AG

MTU Aero Engines manufacturers engine modules and components, and providers MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) services for commercial aero engines. Co.'s activities range through the development, construction, testing and production of new commercial and military engines and spare parts, through to maintenance, repair and overhaul of commercial and military engines. Co.'s segments comprised of: OEM business (Original Equipment Manufacturing), which covers new commercial engines, including spare parts, and the whole of the military sector; and MRO business, which engaged in commercial maintenance activities covering the areas of maintenance and logistical support for commercial engines.

Naturgy Energy Group SA

Gas Natural SDG is a gas company based in Spain. Co. and its subsidiaries are primarily engaged in the supply, transportation, distribution and commercialization of piped natural gas, as well as the activities involving exploration and developing, supply, regasification, liquefaction and storage of natural gas, and the generation and commercialization of electricity. Co. operates mainly in Spain and also outside of Spain, especially in Latin America, Puerto Rico, Italy, France and Africa (through Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline and integrated LNG projects in Algeria).

Nokia Corp.

Nokia is an Internet and communications technology company based in Finland. Co.'s operations are focused on three businesses: network infrastructure software, hardware and services, which Co. offers through Networks; location intelligence, which Co. provides through HERE; and advanced technology development and licensing, which Co. pursues through Technologies. Co. maintains a global presence with operations and Researh & Development facilities located in Europe, North America and Asia, and sales in approximately 130 countries. Co. has an installed base of around 600 customers worldwide and these operators serve over 4 billion subscribers.

Puma Exploration Inc.

Puma Exploration is a junior mining exploration company engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of mining properties. Co. is in the exploration stage and does not derive any revenue from the development of its properties. Co.'s long-term profitability is related in part to the costs and success of the exploration and subsequent development programs. Co. has not yet determined whether the properties contain economically viable reserves.


Recordati-Industria Chimica e Farmaceutica is a pharmaceutical group based in Italy. Co.'s operations are divided into two operating segments: pharmaceuticals (and pharmaceutical chemicals) and orphan drugs. Co.'s products include ZANIPRESS®/ZANEXTRA®/LERCAPREL®/LERCARIL®, an antihypertensive drug; ZANIDIP®/CORIFEO®/LERCADIP® (lercanidipine), an antihypertensive drug discovered and developed in Co.'s research laboratories; UROREC® (silodosin), a new drug indicated for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia; and LIVAZO®/ALIPZA® (pitavastatin), a statin for the treatment of dyslipidemia, among others.


Repsol is an oil and gas company. Co. is engaged in all the activities relating to the oil and gas industry, including exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas, transportation of oil products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas, refining, the production of a wide range of oil products and the retailing of oil products, oil derivatives, petrochemicals, LPG and natural gas, as well as the generation, transportation, distribution and supply of electricity. Co. operates in more than 40 countries. Co.'s operations are divided into four segments: Upstream, Downstream, LNG and Gas Natural Fenosa.

Royal Dutch Shell A

Royal Dutch Shell is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in the oil and gas industry. Co. reports its business through four segments: Integrated Gas, which engaged in the liquefaction and transportation of gas and the conversion of natural gas to liquids to provide fuels and other products; Upstream, which engaged in the exploration for and extraction of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids; Downstream, which engaged in oil products and chemicals manufacturing and marketing activities; and Corporate, which comprising Co.'s holdings and treasury organisation, its self-insurance activities and its headquarters and central functions.

Royal KPN N.V.

Koninklijke KPN is an integrated information and communications technology service provider. Co. provides its consumer customers data broadband services, IPTV services, mobile (voice, data and SMS) and fixed line telephony. Co. provides its business customers broadband services, mobile, fixed line and data services. Co. operates in the following segments: Consumer Mobile, which provides mobile services and products; Consumer Residential, which provides services in and around the house; Business, which provides fixed and mobile telephony services; NetCo, which includes fixed wholesale services; Belgium, which provides mobile telephony; and iBasis, which provides wholesale network services.

Schneider Electric S.A.

Schneider Electric is engaged in energy management. Co. is organized into four areas: Buildings and Partner, Infrastructure, Industry and IT; and operates in four principal markets: non-residential & residential buildings, utilities & infrastructure, industry & machine manufacturers and data centers & networks. The non-residential and residential buildings market includes end-users, property developers, design firms, and systems integrators. The utilities and infrastructure market includes energy operators. The industries market serves end users and companies, and engineering firms. The data centers and networks contain servers that process and store digital data in secure rooms.


Suez is active in each stage of the water and waste cycles. Co. is organized around three main segments: Water Europe (water distribution and treatment services, particularly under concession contracts, to individuals, local authorities and industrial clients); Waste Europe (waste collection and treatment services for local authorities and industrial clients; these services include collection, sorting, recycling, composting, energy recovery and landfilling for both non-hazardous and hazardous waste) and International (water, waste and engineering services, with a special focus on risk-management resulting from specific local environments by setting up partnerships).


TechnipFMC is global leader in oil and gas projects, technologies, systems, and services. Co. offers subsea, surface, onshore, and offshore solutions for oil and gas projects. Co. serves customers worldwide. With Co.'s technologies and production systems, integrated expertise, and comprehensive solutions, Co. is transforming Co.'s clients' project economics. Co. is uniquely positioned to deliver greater efficiency across project lifecycles from concept to project delivery and beyond. Through innovative technologies and improved efficiencies, Co.'s offering unlocks new possibilities for Co.'s clients in developing their oil and gas resources.

Telefonica Deutschland Holdings

Telefonica Deutschland Holding is a telecommunication company. Co. offers its consumer retail and business customers postpaid and prepaid wireless communications products, along with wireless data services using Global Packet Radio Service, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System and Long Term Evolution technology as well as Digital Subscriber Line wireline telephony and high-speed internet services. Co. markets its products and its wireless and wireline communications products as well as services via the core brand O2. Co.'s secondary brands include the brands Fonic and netzclub. Co. also markets high-speed DSL internet access and wireline telephony.


Teleperformance is engaged in outsourced customer experience management. Co. delivers integrated solutions to corporations and administrative bodies worldwide to manage all aspects of the customer-relations cycle on their behalf. Co.'s activities include four core business areas: customer care (these are services provided as part of customer service management); technical support; debt collection; and business information and marketing actions. As of Dec. 31, 2013, Co. had approximately 110,000 computerized workstations across 46 countries. Co.'s client includes industries like Telecoms, Internet, Financial services, Technology/media, Insurance, Government sector and Utilities.

Total Gabon

Total Gabon is mainly engaged in the crude petroleum and natural gas sectors. Co. is engaged in international oil and gas exploration and production. Co. operates under licences, concession agreements, and production-sharing agreements with host nations. Co. is involved in the exploration, excavation and sale of oil and gas. Co. is also engaged in oil refining, marketing, and trading.

Verbund AG

Verbund is a public utility company engaged in the generation and transmission of electricity from subsidiaries' hydro and thermal power stations located throughout Austria. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is involved in the planning and construction of water systems, hydroelectric power plants, river structures, sewage disposal systems, and high voltage transmission towers and lines. Co. generates, trades and sells electrical energy to power exchange buyers, traders, energy supply companies and industrial companies as well as households and commercial customers.

Vicat S.A.

Vicat specializes in the production and marketing of cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. Co. is also engaged in other activities which are: transport brokering (transporting materials and merchandise to large work sites) and contract work, production of prefabricated concrete products, fabrication of building products and paper. Co.'s business is divided into four segments: Cement, Ready-Mixed Concrete, Aggregates and Other Products and Services. Co.'s activities are conducted in eleven countries across Europe, North America Asia, Africa and the Middle East such as: France, U.S.A., Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Egypt, Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Kazakhstan and India.

Vinci S.A.

Vinci is engaged in building, civil engineering and facilities management. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in five divisions comprising of: the Building division which provides retail solutions including construction and fit-out in both the retail and commercial sectors; the Civil Engineering division; the Air division which provides program management, engineering and construction services to customers with airport infrastructure requirements; the Technology division; and the VINCI Facilities division which provides facilities management, repair and maintenance and small works in both the private and public sectors.

Oddo BHF
Oddo BHF

​Oddo Securities provides securities brokerage and research services. The company offers equity, economic, and derivatives research and credit analysis services. It focuses on insurance, automotive, building materials, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, and agri-food industries.

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