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PSA Today 25 Oct : Influenced by Fri's US tech sell-off / An LDP-led coalition govt? / Koei Tecmo's 2Q / Canon Marketing's 3Q / Sekisui Chem's aerospace woes / Stanley, Koito – Nikkei 225 -0.71%

Japan Market Comment by Pelham Smithers, Joel Scheiman and William Nestuk
Tags: Fast Retailing (9983 JT), SoftBank Group (9984 JT), Chugai Pharmaceutical (4519 JT), Tokyo Steel (5423 JT), Yamato Kogyo (5444 JT), Panasonic (6752 JT), Apple (AAPL US), CATL (300750 CH), BYD (1211 HK), Tesla (TSLA US), Recruit (6098 JT), Pasona (2168 JT), Persol (2181 JT), Koei Tecmo (3635 JT), Square Enix (9684 JT), Canon Marketing (8060), Canon Inc (7751 JT), Sekisui Chemical (4204 JT), Teijin (3401 JT), Toray (3402 JT), Sumitomo Bakelite (4203 JT), Stanley Electric (6923 JT), Koito Mfg (7276 JT)
Main Points
• Japan shares decline following US tech sell off
• Kyodo poll hints at LDP-led coalition government
• Koei Tecmo 2Q OP +65% YoY
• Sekisui Chemical’s aerospace impairment loss
• Stanley and Koito shrug off 32% Stanley H1 OP downgrade
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