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Expert Corporate Governance Service (ECGS)

Stora Enso - AGM 19 March 2020

In general, Stora Enso is in compliance with the Finnish regulations relating to the organisation and procedures of the Annual General Meeting. Under ITEM 10 the board of directors requests an advisory vote on the Company’s executive remuneration policy. ECGS notes that this is the first time that Stora Enso puts its executive remuneration policy to a vote, which it strongly welcomes. Although ECGS has some concerns with regard to Stora Enso’s remuneration policy, the proposed structure is basically in line with its guidelines. Accordingly, ECGS recommends to vote FOR. Under ITEM 11 the shar...

Expert Corporate Governance Service (ECGS)

DSV Panalpina A/S - AGM 16 March 2020

In general, DSV Panalpina (formerly D