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CPaaS: Short Report (Twilio, Cloopen, Agora, & Kalerya)

• A semi-deep dive into the CPaaS market: why is it popular and how it works?
• Twilio: BoB provider with developer tailwinds will extend its market leadership and valuation still looks attractive.
• Cloopen Group Holdings: Chinese market dynamics are not as favourable to scale a cloud-based business and shifting from CCaaS to CPaaS offers less leverage than vice versa – Twilio’s path.
• Agora: startup exposure should benefit from post-pandemic economic recovery.
• Kalerya: skepticism over the sophistication of the developer toolset, however, the mGage acquisition offers up an abundance synergy.
Cloopen Group Holding ADS (N Shares)

Twilio Inc. Class A

Twilio provides a cloud communications platform that enables developers to build, scale and operate communications within their software applications via the company's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The company's platform consists of three layers: Engagement Cloud, which provides functionality for a specific purpose, such as two-factor authentication or a contact center; Programmable Communications Cloud, which provides a range of products that enables developers to embed voice, messaging and video capabilities into their applications; and Super Network, which contains a set of API's giving the company's customers access to components of its platform.

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