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Thesis: Fortinet, Palantir, McAfee, Fastly, Sumo Logic, & Cloudflare

This is a synopsis of our investment thesis for some of our open positions - Fortinet, Palantir, Fastly, McAfee, and Sumo Logic - plus one we're considering, Cloudflare.
Cloudflare Inc Class A

Fortinet Inc.

Fortinet provides cybersecurity solutions. The company's product offerings consist of its FortiGate product family and its non-FortiGate products. The company's FortiGate hardware and software licenses are sold with a set of security services. These security services are enabled by FortiGuard, which provides threat research and artificial intelligence capabilities from a global cloud network to deliver protection services to each FortiGate appliance. The company's non-FortiGate products include the Fortinet Security Fabric (such as FortiAP, FortiAnalyzer, FortiSwitch and FortiManager), certain cloud security products (such as virtual machines and cloud services) and other products.


Sumo Logic

Convequity Ltd.
Convequity Ltd.

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