Jordan Lambert
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Sumo Logic: Initiation & Follow-up Reports

Initiation Report Summary:

Further out into 2021 we expect the intra-vaccination environments to gradually improve economic conditions which will help SUMO win back mid-market customers. Also, the shift in sales focus to larger enterprise clientele will help reaccelerate growth, boost contribution margins, improve the cash flow situation and in turn support the valuation. On a longer horizon, once 5G and IoT begin to ramp up data flow, continuous intelligence platforms like SUMO’s will be crucial for businesses to protect assets, make optimal decisions, drive better customer experiences, and eliminate intelligence gaps. At this stage of our digitalization, organizations of all sizes will begin to take note of the ROI of such data and analytic investments.

Follow-up Report Summary:

A validation of our Sumo Logic investment thesis with a comparison to Datadog. SUMO's issue is its Go-to-Market strategy, not its technical quality.
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Jordan Lambert

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