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EU Telecoms Sector Upgrade: Time to give the sector a fresh look – VOD and BT upgraded to Buy

European telecoms sector looks attractive – the past is not always a guide for the future: Investors and analysts have been browbeaten with generally poor trends in the European telecoms sector for many years.
Vodafone Group

New Street Research
New Street Research

Provided by our team of experienced analysts, our work is idea driven, based on independence of thought, sector expertise, and firmly focussed on fundamentals and valuation.

New Street Research is an independent, partner-owned, research firm specialising in equity and debt research. Our equity research embraces the following sectors:

  • Pan European Telecom Services and Cable
  • US Telecoms, Cable, Satellite and Towers
  • Global Emerging Market Telecoms
  • Japan Telecoms
  • Asian Internet
  • Pan European Healthcare
  • Global healthcare thematic research

We provide debt research on:

  • Pan European Telecom Services and Cable

James Ratzer

Pierre FerraguÊ

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