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Fastly: Initiation Report

- A review at why Fastly is displacing incumbent CDN providers.
- What is distributed edge computing and why is Fastly a pioneer in this promising market?
- Why the hyperscalers are not a threat.
- Signal Sciences merger synergies and macro outlook look bullish for Fastly in the short to intermediate term.

FSLY is one of the most innovative firms in the world of computing at present and a confluence of factors lining up could propel this stock considerably higher in 2021 and beyond. FSLY’s organic growth has slipped though there are short-term drivers attributed to the synergies emanating from the Signal Sciences acquisition that will boost revenue and gross margin. FSLY is a risk-on stock rather than a mission-critical vendor, so in the intermediate-term we feel that increasing discretionary business spend will be another driver. Longer-term, increasing digitalization will present FSLY with considerable competitor displacement revenue in the Content Delivery Network business, and the progress of their pioneering distributed edge compute platform is likely to generate substantial greenfield business to keep revenue growth elevated. FSLY have the chance to sit at the heart of the edge compute evolution that offers future unforeseen TAM opportunities galore.
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Jordan Lambert

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