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FireEye: Short Report

• PE firm, STG, is acquiring FEYE's product business. The services division, Mandiant, will remain as a publicly traded entity under the ticker M.
• The separation should unleash considerable value in the Mandiant business, that has been held back by non-BoB FireEye products.
• Rising sophisticated attacks coupled with cybersecurity talent shortages, should create growing demand for the leading cyber threat response and remediation company.
• 50% upside in the FEYE stock is very feasible from current levels.
FireEye Inc.

FireEye provides intelligence-based cybersecurity solutions that allow organizations to prepare for, prevent, respond to and remediate cyber attacks. The company's portfolio of cybersecurity products and services is designed to minimize the risk of cyber security breaches by detecting and preventing advanced, targeted and other evasive attacks, as well as enabling management of security operations, including alert management, investigation and response when a breach occurs. The company provides threat detection and prevention solutions, security orchestration, analytics and management solutions, threat intelligence subscriptions, on-demand and managed service subscriptions, and other services.

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