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Palantir: Initial & Follow-up Research Reports

Initial Report Summary:

The extraordinary trade of short and intermediate-term gains for long-term superiority has put PLTR several years ahead of the competition. In fact, currently there are no direct competitors. At present, the biggest competition is the desire for organizations to continue developing data connectivity in-house or with disparate third-party custom apps.

This moat has been built upon a deep-rooted and enduring focus on extracting the best elements from humans and machines, and pushing the boundaries of what a user interface can achieve is what has brought this to fruition. The recent standardization of PLTR’s software has begun to provide operating leverage and has enabled them to target over 6,000 large institution/enterprise customers across all verticals – although the scaling stage of the business is still in its infancy. The company has reached $1bn in sales with a low number of customers and an immature business operation. As the company continues refining the business model and pushing gross and contribution margins even higher, this will be a first-class business, in our opinion.

Once they gain further operating leverages and scale the business, they have a great opportunity to develop ‘flywheel’ network effects in multidimensions – within the customer’s organization, within specific verticals, and within PLTR itself.

Follow-on Report Summary:

• A look at the relationship between P/S and Total Addressable Market and what it means for PLTR.
• In FY20, revenue grew 47% with only 6 customer additions. The consensus 33% growth for FY21 looks way off.
• A deep-dive into the impressive underlying economics of PLTR’s business.

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Jordan Lambert

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