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Dropbox: Full Report

• Attractive reward-to-risk investment: a substantial value play with a potential bonus turnaround story layered on top.
• DBX has subtly reinvented themselves which is largely unnoticed by the market: a new differentiated strategy and radical behind-the-scenes tech changes offer up a lot of upside.
• DBX is a rare blend of a proactive and thoughtful engineering culture, with shareholder activism, and the creative and ambitious founder still leading the way.
Dropbox Inc. Class A

Dropbox is a global collaboration platform that centralizes the flow of information between the products and services its users prefer. Dropbox allows individuals, teams, and organizations to collaborate. Anyone can sign up for free via the company's website or app, and upgrade to a paid subscription plan for additional features. Dropbox is a digital workspace where individuals and teams can create content, access it from anywhere, and share it with collaborators. The company also utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS), for the remainder of its users' storage needs and to help deliver its services. These AWS datacenters are in the United States and Europe, which allows the company to localize where content is stored.

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